Transect of Coexistence

Inquiry into Nature, Art & Habitat

The book "Transect of Coexistence: Inquiry into Nature, Art & Habitat" is edited by NATURE, ART and HABITAT (NAHR). It is set to be published in April 2024 and will feature approximately 15 authors who have been invited to write essays on the topic of eco-centric thinking. The authors come from a diverse range of disciplines and backgrounds and the book will be structured into thematic chapters covering topics such as The Woods, Rock and Stone, Water, Grasses and Pastures, Animals, and Soil.

The book is based on the work and dialogues initiated at NAHR in Sottochiesa, Taleggio Valley, Italy, which brings together participants from around the world to reflect on an ecological theme each year. The book aims to provide a rigorous global framework for each chapter and will include essays on global and local perspectives.

The book content will be peer-reviewed and will include more than 150 graphic illustrations. The content is meant to be provocative and forward-looking, producing new scholarship and innovative works.


Matthew Wong, “Hidden Waters: Hybrid Representations of Val Taleggio,” 2018. Mixed media. Courtesy NAHR Archive, Italy. Photo: Matthew Wong

NAHR Fellows, “Various rock formations and the Making of the Stone Carpet with Alessandro Mendini,” 2017. Courtesy NAHR Archive, Italy. Photos: Ilaria Mazzoleni, Ho-Ting Wei, Juan Barte, Luca Foresti

Stacy Passmore, “Laac Landscape: Laghetto,” 2018. JPG. Courtesy NAHR Archive, Italy

Photo Credits: by Project Authors, all other photos by NAHR
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