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Course 1: Learning from Nature _ Jule 2018

The unique ecology of the Taleggio Valley, set in the mountainous Italian PreAlps, lends itself to the study of an array of natural systems that will serve as the backdrop for a course on bio-inspired design. Through the observation and analysis of the pre-alpine ecology students will develop architectural projects that incorporate sustainable design elements stemming from biological inspiration. Students will be challenged to understand how the environment has shaped both the evolution of living organisms and the design of human constructions. Student learning and project development will be achieved through several means: frequent outdoor treks and careful observation and analysis of the native flora and fauna, site visits to local villages and historic settlements to document design and architectural practices of the local community, and interaction and dialogue with the course instructors and guest lecturers, who are experts in the fields of evolution, ecology, bio-inspired design, geology, and anthropology.  APPLY

Course 2: Rock and Stone _ July 2018

“Rock and Stone: Cultures of Making in Northern Italy” is a multidisciplinary field course, located in the alpine ecosystem of the Val Taleggio. Participants will analyze the landscape and its geological formations, the natural and socio-cultural environment, as well as the architectural design of the region. Applying anthropological research methods and architectural investigation student will study how locally available resources can become a source of inspiration for sustainable practices.  The final project proposes to identify cultural uses of local resources, specifically of rocks and stones, in the processes of creation, construction and transformation of the local environment. The observation and documentation of territorial adaptation and spatial configuration will extend insights to the larger contemporary socio-economic and cultural context of the region.  APPLY

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