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28 Ottobre 2022
Biodiversità: manifesti per riflettere in città
di Andrea Taietti

Foto di Marco Macconi
Manifesto dell’artista Meri Gorni

Nature, Art and Habitat: VAL TALEGGIO
by Juan Barte

Edited by: Ilaria Mazzoleni, NAHR
Texts by: Juan Barte, Deborah Weintraub

A collection of artistic photographs taken during Barte’s June Residency at NAHR in 2017 - Rock and Stone.

104 pages, 69 black and white plates. 24 x 20 cm. hardcover. ISBN 978-88-946514-0-9.
Printed and hand bounded in Spain with recycled paper (55% pure environment-friendly certified FSC fibres, 40% recycled fibres, and 5% cotton fibres.)

First Edition: 100 copies
Published: December 2021

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Price: 24€

Photo Credits: by Project Authors, all other photos by NAHR
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